51 Signs You Might Be a Playgrounder


A manifesto for living your most fun life.
Do you believe that life is your playground? If so, that’s the only real difference between playgrounders & non-playgrounders. As long as you believe that, WELCOME TO THE CLUB! Here’s a helpful list to let you know what being a playgrounder is all about.


  1. You know you’re here to have fun. You feel like fun, freedom, happiness, & love are, above all, your purpose in life. You sincerely believe that joy is your natural state.
  2. You tend to approach even the most boring & mediocre experiences with this question – “How can I make this more fun?” You usually can find a way to make it fun.
  3. You love finding little ways to make your day level up. Regardless of how much money you have, you do your best to strive for fun. Sometimes, this can be as simple as: 1. Opening the windows while you’re driving & feeling the breeze. 2. Dancing to your favorite song before you go to sleep at night. 3. Taking five minutes to look up funny memes online & have a good laugh. Other times, it might mean: 1. Touring an alpaca farm. 2. Exploring a new park. 3. Buying yourself another dinosaur for your collection. 4. Parasailing over an island. 5. Going to an amazing concert. 6. Giving a great act of kindness to someone who needs it. You’re talented at finding ways to make every day more fun.
  4. People you know have described you as weird, quirky, a freak, nerdy, geeky, unusual, eccentric, childlike, or odd/different in some other way. You wear these descriptions like badges of honor & are glad you’re not like everybody else. If they could easily understand you, it would mean you were just like them.
  5. You weren’t always this happy or this free. You had to fight incredibly hard & really work on developing yourself to get to where you are today. It took so much to become as much yourself as you are now. But every minute of your fight to become this was worth it.
  6. Novelty & playfulness are incredibly important to you. If you don’t play enough or add enough new things & experiences into your life, you get bored quickly.
  7. You make the most of every day. You do your best to seize the day, every. single. day.
  8. Whimsical is pretty much your middle name. You might love unicorns, rainbows, My Little Pony, glitter, the iSpy books, Pippi Longstocking, Pee-Wee Herman, stickers, Weetzie Bat, and/or anything colorful.
  9. You like being out in nature, exploring the outdoors, climbing trees, camping, identifying wildflowers, & finding meadows of flowers.
  10. You agree with Einstein that imagination is more important than knowledge. Because to you, imagination is essential.
  11. You believe that people should be as free as they want to be, as long as they aren’t hurting anyone by doing so.
  12. Miniature worlds, like dollhouses, dioramas, miniature food, or those tiny sets they make for filming movie scenes fascinate you endlessly. Seriously, they are SO FASCINATING.
  13. You bring music, books, paper to draw on, your crochet project, or your favorite funny friend to boring places where you will have to wait in line forever. Like the DMV.
  14. Your favorite animal is something most people have never heard of.
  15. Your interests are always changing. You’re always finding new things to be fascinated with. You’ve got a few things you’ve continually or repeatedly liked – but you’re always exploring new things & new interests.
  16. At least one of your life choices is the opposite of what the majority of people do.
  17. You have cosplayed as your favorite character from a movie, TV show, book, or comic at least once, even if it was just in your own bedroom.
  18. You won’t like something just because it’s popular, but you also won’t dislike it just because it’s mainstream. Whether it’s something a billion people like or just you, you let yourself like what you’re naturally drawn to. ‘Cause you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do.
  19. You believe the only real definition of success is that you’re living the life you want to live. Whether this means you own a mansion with 100 rooms or live in a shed in the forest, you know only you can decide whether you’re “successful” or not. You shun empty, soulless “success” that’s only based on what others think of your status & belongings. You need success that means something to you. You might not always want the same success as everyone else does. You might want to live in a tiny apartment & make art all day. You might want to be a millionaire or even billionaire & use your money to have fun & help people. You might want to live on a farm with your herd of rescued animals, or live in a nice house in the city with your family. For you to consider yourself a success, you have to have success on your own terms.
    51 Signs You Might Be a Playgrounder
  20. You love Keri Smith’s books.
  21. You have your very own sense of style. You might: Like wearing the most colorful outfits possible. Always wear formal wear (even to the grocery store). Dress like you’re from a different era. Never leave the house without your bow tie. Only wear things you’ve handmade. Either way, you do not follow any trends unless you genuinely love them. This means you don’t dress like anyone else you know (unless you have some really cool friends!). You like this.
  22. You use your imagination to: Pretend/visualize you are a doing something fun. Or achieving a goal. Or that you’re different person. Or that you’re in a different place, especially a fantastical one you’ve thought up. Your imagination is one of your favorite sources of amusement when bored. It’s also one of your most valuable tools when you’re creating something. You believe that combining imagination with hard work makes your goals & dreams come true better than anything.
  23. You’re an adult, but you still play with or collect children’s books, toys, or games. For you, fun has no age limit.
  24. You believe animals are the BEST. THING. EVER. Seriously, they are so fascinating & adorable & magnificent.
  25. You still like going to the actual playground, swinging on the swings, & playing on the play gym. Especially if there are no children around & you can climb around on it however you like or practice your best parkour moves there.
  26. You sing along with the radio in the car. You sit in parking lots listening to your favorite songs. Music is so important to you, & you are in love with it.
  27. You try not to be friends or hang out with people who don’t get you, don’t believe in you, or who don’t think life is fun. Those kinds of people are major bummers & they don’t add anything to your life. You have a specific tribe of people who get you, & you only put energy into being friends with people you can be your 100% real authentic self around.
  28. You believe that exercise should be fun. You might find more conventional forms of exercise like running or working on the the gym to be fun. But if you don’t, that’s okay too. In that case, you get your exercise from joining the local roller derby, learning fencing (the sword-fighting type), obstacle racing, skateboarding, parkour, or pogo-sticking.
  29. You love reading, watching films, & looking at photographs/art. Anything that gives you new things to think about & new things to see. You especially love feel-good, motivational, fantasy, or educational books, films, & shows. But SO MANY THINGS catch your interest. Words & images feed your mind. (BONUS POINT: Your library card is always maxed out.)
  30. You think sincerity & authenticity are incredibly important & valuable. You strive to be as real & as much yourself as possible every day. That is why you are the way you are.
  31. One of your favorite characters is whimsical, quirky, weird, and/or fun-loving.
  32. You still like watching shows or movies made for kids sometimes. These kinds of shows are usually more whimsical, fun, positive, & feel-good than a lot of the shows made for adults.
  33. You have a lot of fun, funky pets. Dogs, cats, sugar gliders, parrots, hedgehogs, chickens, aquariums full of colorful fish – you love them all.
  34. You have reconnected with your childlike sense of wonder, magic, & play. You might have went through a phase where you felt like you had to be “grown up”, but now you’ve reconnected with playfulness.
  35. Your house reflects your sense of fun. You’ve covered your walls with dinosaur stickers, colorful paintings, sketches you made of your dog, balloons, motivational posters, & plastic turtles. You sleep on flamingo-print bed sheets. You have a gigantic sculpture of cacti on your table. You have amethyst & quartz crystals covering your dresser. You use every flat surface in your home to display your various collections of fun, vintage, or colorful objects.
  36. You know there are a lot of serious things in life & in the world, but you still try to approach life from a positive standpoint. You’re more likely to consider yourself pro-something positive (like peace) as opposed to anti-something negative (like war).
  37. One of your many mottoes is, “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it.”
  38. You’ve dressed as something obscure for Halloween at least once & smiled to yourself each time someone asked, “What are you?”.
  39. You own a pair of combat boots, rainbow sneakers, or vintage funky platform sandals.
  40. You live in or want to live in a unique & whimsical house. Tiny houses, tree houses, indoor swings & slides, secret passageways, & a home decorated like Pee-Wee Herman’s are probably things you have considered/longed for at some point.
  41. You have a lot of favorite words, most of which are somewhat non-nonsensical or kind of funny sounding. Pamplemousse, minutiae, wuffle, octopodes, & pumpernickel are some of your top picks.
  42. You wish you could have a pet dinosaur.
    51 Signs You Might Be a Playgrounder
  43. You like doing feel-good wellness things, whatever this means for you. You enjoy yoga, green drinks, grounding, crystals, organic food, growing your own food when possible, chanting, meditation, eating vegan/vegetarian, & energy healing.
  44. You find people don’t always agree with or understand your choices. You might have quit your job to become an artist. Or flown across the country to see your favorite band in concert. Or decided to move to a piece of land & live off the grid. Either way, your decisions have brought a lot of happiness, value, & magic into your life. & you don’t really care (or you’re trying not to care) what others think of the things that make sense to you.
  45. You feel your best when you’re living a high-vibe life.
  46. You have a hobby other people find “old-fashioned”, “quirky”, or “weird”. You might collect stamps, spend your weekends combing record shops for obscure albums, love film photography, have pet snakes, collect buttons, sew plush alligators, grow your own wheatgrass, adore silent films, make your own water kefir, play a glockenspiel, listen only to 1930’s folk music, or obsessively research bees.
  47. You do something you LOVE for a living, or if you don’t currently, you have plans to make this happen for yourself. You will not take no for an answer or stop until you ARE doing something you love. You know that the only way you’ll be able to be all you can be is when you’re doing something you love.
  48. You still believe in magic & feel a deep connection to the world in this aspect. For you, so many things you encounter during the day are magical, sacred, & profound.
  49. You still believe in magic & feel a deep connection to the world in this aspect. For you, so many things you encounter during the day are magical, sacred, & profound.
  50. You just wanna have fun.
  51. You firmly believe that life is your playground. You’re excited & enthusiastic about everything, you feel fascinated by the world around you, & you make everything into a game. Above all, you let yourself have fun & be happy, because you know that is what the meaning of life is!